I dunno, but I know he'd gladly do so, and I can't say I blame him. follow me over the fleur l'orange to see why.

see, Bill Maher has an Obama problem.  yeah I know he dropped a mil on him recently but Maher has this problem with stereotyping black men.

remember this gem, from Fareed Zakaria GPS?

“I thought, when we elected the first black president, as a comedian, I thought two years in, I’d be making jokes about what a gangsta he was, you know? And, not that he’s President Wayne Brady, you know… I thought we were getting Suge Knight"
seriously, bill WHAT IN THE HELL gave you the idea that you'd be getting Suge Knight?  the "black" thing?

as a preppy, flip flop and polo wearing, vineyard vacay-ing super pro black black guy, this kinda thing really gets my goat.  we're not all snoop, goddammit.

and even when the prez does something Maher loves it's all "oh wow what a black ass gangsta ass ninja prez" or whatever the hell.  I don't even feel like looking for the link.
give em hell, wayne.  

oh yeah, my title is a play on a line from this skit from The Chappelle Show (this I'll look for lol):

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