Rmoney has begun to search for his running mate. And Rob Portman let it slip that he is being vetted. More below the squiggly line

Who is Rob Portman

Portman served in two federal cabinet positions under the administration of President George W. Bush. From May 2005 to May 2006, he was the U.S. Trade Representative. From May 2006 to June 2007, he was Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).[4]
He and Willard should work well together since ambition trumps principles/convictions for both of them.
he worked as a lobbyist for the firm Patton Boggs. Portman married his wife, Jane, in 1986. His wife, who had worked for Democratic Congressman Tom Daschle, "agreed to become a Republican when her husband agreed to become a Methodist."[15]
He is a big free trader.
Among Portman's first and deciding votes was his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement[22] on November 17, 1993, for which he has been criticized throughout his career.[23][24][25] NAFTA gave the president and the U.S. trade representative more power in trade negotiations, and kept Congress from amending the trade agreement, as they were faced with an up- or down-vote.[26
This marks him as an extremist.
opposes abortion.[citation needed] He was also a vocal supporter of the "Blunt Amendment", which would have allowed employers to deny coverage of contraception or birth control measures on religious grounds.[40] Portman voted for[41] the Ryan Budget
This is why he is unelectable to a national office
But Bush left office a deeply unpopular figure, due in part to the mounting national debt and an economy in full meltdown. The former president’s economic legacy would almost certainly cast a shadow over a Romney-Portman ticket.

“It would force Romney to have to defend to the Bush budget record, which was dismal, absolutely dismal,” said Stan Collender, a leading federal budget expert and former Democratic staffer for the House and Senate budget committees.

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I would expect this photo to be seen a lot.
It just dooms him.

Rob Portman and Rmoney, we hardly knew ye.

The Beast says the secret is out !

Rob Portman Hints at Vetting

The secret it is out! Kind of. Despite an overt effort on the Romney campaign's part to keep their V.P. vetting process a mystery, Senator Rob Portman confirmed to ABC News Wednesday that he had an intense six meetings in six hours with chief Romney campaign advisors, including Beth Myers--the woman in charge of vetting Mitt's veep.

This guy, in all probability, is Rmoney's running mate, a seemingly "safe" pick - white male, without personal scandals, lots of experience, anti choice for the base, from Ohio and with a history of winning in Ohio, ....

But this is a doomed venture. The ultimate fail: the OMB Director from 2006 to 2007 for George W Bush who "resigned to spend time with his family ? " ? This is the best they can do ?

Perhaps they will win Utah. barely. and very little else.

10:27 AM PT: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/...

"Portman grew up rich"

Just for fun : Rmoney brought up his promise to repeal Obamacare at the NAACP
and was roundly booed :


11:06 AM PT: From the qpoll showing Obama up 3, 46 to 43.

Romney leads 54 percent to 35 percent among married men, and has a seven-point advantage among married women. Obama leads 47 percent to 38 percent among single men.

Overall, men back Romney 47 percent to 40 percent; women choose Obama by 51 percent to 39 percent.

Romney leads 51 percent to 38 percent among white voters, while Obama is ahead 59 percent to 30 percent among Hispanic voters, a group that could prove pivotal in battleground states including Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

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