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The ACLU has begun a campaign to troll the Twitter accounts of anti-choice Michigan Republicans.  They even created a tweet generator so that people could easily tweet these messages to the targeted politicians.  The idea behind it is that since these anti-choice Republicans are comfortable inserting themselves into women's medical decisions that they should face embarrassing questions that only doctors would be expected to face.  After all, since they believe they know best they should be be able to answer these questions.  Thus, "#WannaBeMyDoc" on Twitter.

As it was explained at Jezebel:

The ACLU's #WannaBeMyDoc tool automatically sends anti-abortion rights lawmakers health questions more burning than your vaginal discharge, free, instantaneously, and much more painlessly than an IUD insertion. If you want, you can pen your own health questions — "Speaker Bolger, My period is very heavy for 2 days followed by 2 days of no bleeding followed by 3 light days. Wut's goin on?" — or you can have the tool generate questions for you. Samples include "What's a dental dam? Could I get the same results with a hoover dam?" and "My cramps are worse than usual. Can you fit me in this afternoon?" You can see what other people have come up with on the hashtag's Twitter page. Feminism 2012. Trolling our way to equality.
I do admit that it would be fun to see the faces of these politicians if they ever see such tweets.  After all, this was the state where State House Republicans were so uncomfortable with a representative saying that the government should stay out of her vagina that they banned her from the floor of the House.

So, Republicans, you have some questions to answer.  Let me just add one more that's been asked many times before:  You said you were elected to help create jobs.  What exactly does that have to do with going into women's vaginas?

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