Israeli activists rally in the Jordan Valley in the West Bank in a show of support for Palestinians, who have been denied water by the IDF:

Background: In recent weeks, with the warming of the weather, the Miltary's Government's Civil Administration is resorting to creative and wicked means in order to deny water to the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley and deny them water. Already for many years, Palestinians in the Jordan Valley are not allowed to connect their houses to flowing water – having to bring in water by tankers, at a far higher price than of piped water. Recently, however, a large number of these water tankers were confiscated by the Civil Administration with the excuse of a suspicion of their having been used to commit a crime – i.e. "the theft of water". In this way, hundreds of people were consigned to thirst, among them hundreds of babies, children, elderly and sick – in the hottest time of the year, at the hottest part of the country. Another way to harass the Palestinian residents is an "expulsion for a limited time" in order to make place for military exercises.

The IDF conducted a night raid in Nabi Saleh.

Gaza's construction industry is booming, despite the siege.

Activist's are harassed by a SUV in the South Hebron Hills.

A demo takes place in Ni'ilin.

Kadima has resigned from the coalition government over Netanyahu's stance on reforming the universal conscription law to include religious Jews.

Demonstrations for social justice increase after Moshe Silman, a homeless man, sets himself on fire at a protest in Tel Aviv.  He died from his burns Friday July 20.

Secretary of State Clinton stops in Israel during a Mid-East tour.

Writer Yossi Gurvitz talks about "When Israel Is Mighty."

Maoz Zion residents (Mizrahi Jews) complain about delays by firefighters in battling a blaze near their town.

Thousands of Ultra Orthodox Jews protest against conscription again in Jerusalem.

Palestine Studies TV discusses how the US Senate tried to change the US definition of a Palestinian refugee.

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