Tim Cullen of the Wisconsin 14 has decided to take his ball and go home. He has left the Demcratic Caucus and is declaring as an independent. Which means that that we are now left with 16 Repulicans, 16 Democrats and an independent.

Cullen's reason for leaving the Democratic caucus:

[H]e was insulted by not being named chairman of any Senate committees after the Democrats regain control of that chamber.
He doesn't get his way so he slaps everyone in the state of Wisconsin who worked so hard to take control of the Senate.

1:57 PM PT: An update from Dane 101:

Cullen harshly criticized new Majority Leader Mark Miller for a "weak" offer to have the 15th District senator chair the Small Business and Tourism Committee. Cullen claimed the panel "didn't matter" and Miller responded by making him the only Democratic senator without a committee chairmanship.

2:28 PM PT: Cullen said he may change his mind on leaving the caucus if Miller reverses course on committee assignments, but Cullen said he was certain Miller would not change his mind. He said his departure would give him more freedom as a legislator.

2:32 PM PT: From Assemblyman Cory Mason: Sen Cullen says he will still vote for Dems for majority leader. Story still developing.

2:58 PM PT: Just want to add this...if my 12 year old were to act like this he would rue the day he took his ball and went home for not getting his way.

3:24 PM PT: From One Wisconsin Now:

Madison -- One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding news in the Wisconsin State Senate today that Sen. Tim Cullen will refuse to caucus with Senate Democrats because they would not remove Jon Erpenbach as chair of the Senate Health Committee in favor of him.

“Congratulations to Sen. Mark Miller for refusing to buckle to Sen. Tim Cullen’s self-serving demands. One wonders on what planet Tim Cullen resides where he thought the unprecedented uprising against Scott Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin was done to put a millionaire, 20-year insurance company executive and opponent of ObamaCare in charge of the committee overseeing healthcare reform in the State Senate.”

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