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Romney’s London fundraisers will take him to heart of scandal-plagued banking industry

by Philip Rucker and Dan Eggen, washingtonpost.com --July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney’s overseas trip next week will take him to the heart of London’s scandal-ridden banking industry, as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee holds two campaign fundraisers hosted by lobbyists and executives from more than two dozen financial institutions.

The hosts of Romney’s high-dollar reception and dinner on July 26 overwhelmingly represent banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions, some of which are embroiled in the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

One of the event’s co-chairs is Patrick Durkin, a Washington-based lobbyist for Barclays, which agreed last month to pay $450 million to settle allegations that it manipulated Libor before and after the financial crisis. Durkin has helped raise $1.1 million for the Romney campaign, according to U.S. disclosure records.

This month, the Boston Globe reported that Barclays’ chief executive, Bob Diamond, withdrew as a co-host after the bank settled with British and U.S. authorities. He resigned July 3 from Barclays.

Well those International Lobbyists are pretty much interchangeable anyways.

Just Dial:  1-800-Lobbyists-R-Us.    

I forget, how many Electoral Votes does the U.K. get, again?

US election:  Mitt Romney to host £50,000 a head London fundraisers

by Jon Swaine, Peter Foster in Washington, telegraph.co.uk -- 11 Jul 2012

The Republican presidential challenger, who is crushing Barack Obama in the race for cash, will dine with leading bankers, lawyers and former ambassadors in central London on Thursday July 26.

Dozens of supporters will pay $25,000-$75,000 (£16,070-£48,191) a plate for a 6.30 dinner with the former Massachusetts governor or $2,500 (£1,607) to attend a 5pm reception.

The 47 named co-hosts of his London events have been sworn to secrecy by the notoriously tight-lipped Romney campaign. They referred all enquiries to a spokesman, who refused to comment.

"He's a guy that can read a balance sheet, knows about creating jobs and really understands about deficits which are all very important things, as people here in the UK also understand," he said [one senior lawyer slated to attend, who asked not to be named.]

"Oh beautiful for spacious wealthy skies,

for amber piles of Looo-oot ... "

Obama for America TV Ad: "Firms"

 link to video

If Romney somehow gets elected -- were gonna need a BIGGER Flag!

(And probably a new National Song too.  Eur-merica, Eur-merica ... )

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