Let me say, I would not want a President who is a bigot and after reading the British Newspaper, Daily Telegraph, I concluded that Mitt Romney is a bigot and would not be able to be President to "all the People."

     So much for the so-called American precedence of not spreading lies and hate about one's political opponent on foreign soil ...  As that is exactly what Team Romney/Bush/Cheney did -- they spread lies and hate about President Obama to a London Newspaper.

     Let's get something straight from the giddy-up: President Obama's Anglo-Saxon grandfather fought for America in WWII.  President Obama's Anglo-Saxon grandmother worked for America's war efforts during WWII.

     Conversely, Mitt Romney's Great Grandfather fled America because he was prosecuted under Edmunds Anti-Polgyamy Act.  Romney's Grandfather then fled Mexico to avoid fighting in the Mexican Revolution.  Then, Mitt Romney fled America and found refuge in France to avoid fighting in the Vietnam War.

     Seems to me, President Obama has a heritage of fighting for and defending so-called "Anglo-Saxon" America while Mitt Romney has a heritage of fleeing America so as to avoid defending "Anglo-Saxon" America when times get tough.

     The most galling and obnoxious part of this story is that Mitt Romney's Great Grandpa and Grandpa hated America so much they willingly fled America and founded a Colony in Mexico where they lived for many years and had lots and lots of children.

Romney/Bush/Cheney Advisors Spread Lies & Hate Against President Obama on Foreign Soil
     Romney's Advisors, who were Bush/Cheney Advisors, told the London newspaper, Daily Telegraph, that Mitt Romney would restore an "Anglo-Saxon" understanding to the special relationship between the US and Britain, and would return Sir Winston Churchill's bust to the White House as was displayed in the Oval Office by George W. Bush.


 Romney/Bush/Cheney Advisor said,
“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and [Mitt] feels that the special relationship is special.  The White House [Obama] didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”.
   The Daily Telegraph went on to report:
One Romney Advisor said: “He [Mitt] is naturally more Atlanticist”.
   What the hell does "Atlanticist" even effing mean?!?

    An in typical form, Romney/Bush/Cheney Advisor said he really had no idea what Romney's foreign policy is -- exactly.

The advisers could not give detailed examples of how policy towards Britain would differ under Mr Romney. One conceded that on the European crisis: “I’m not sure what our policy response is.”
   In typical Romney/Bush/Cheney form, they complain and beg the paper not to use their names because they have been told not to criticize an American President on foreign soil.
The advisers spoke on the condition of anonymity because Mr Romney’s campaign requested that they not criticise the President to foreign media.  
    I don't know ... maybe the term: piece of dung comes to mind when reading about the Pathological Liar Romney's campaign spreading lies and hate about President Obama on foreign soil?

Romney Family Hated America & Fled to Mexico

    Romney's Grandpa and Great Grandpa (Miles) lived in "Utah Territory" before they got so angry at America they packed up an left to find land and build a colony in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Why Did Miles Romney Hate America & Settle In Mexico?
     In 1865, before Utah became a State, it was a Territory.  As with all Territories, the citizens in Utah had to live under the same rule of law as citizens who lived in States.

     In 1885, Miles Romney was prosecuted and convicted under the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act (for polygamy). This act allowed certain citizenship rights to be stripped of those convicted.  Naturally, Miles got very angry Shortly after that he left for Mexico, taking his family with him.  

    In 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes, in regards to Polygamy In Utah Territory stated:

"If necessary to secure obedience to the law, the enjoyment and exercise of the rights and privileges of citizenship in the Territories of the United States may be withheld or withdrawn from those who violate or oppose the enforcement of the law.
   Well, Miles Romney didn't care what Hayes said about him, or people like him, losing their American citizenship because once he fled America to and founded a Colony in Mexico, he settled there with his entire family -- far away from the arms and laws of America with no intention of ever going back to America.

Romney's Father Born in Mexico:
     The Romney's had many children while living in Mexico and in 1907, George Romney, Mitt Romney's father, was born in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico

Romney's Got US Bailout for Being Refugees when Fleeing Mexican War
     Mitt's grandpa ran as fast as he could to Utah as soon as the Mexican Revolution broke out.  Because the Romney's were considered "Refugees" The U.S. Army supplied rations and loaned tents from Fort Bliss. Mayor C. E. Kelly and city officials joined Church leaders in finding homes and jobs for the refugees. Congress voted to give them $100,000 for their transportation and relief. If you calculate $100,000 for inflation from 1912, the figure turns into over $2.2 million in today's dollar.

In 1935 Romney Family Sued Mexico
     The Boston Globe reported:

After fleeing the Mexican Revolution, Mitt Romney’s grandfather, Gaskell lost his home and possessions in Mexico. While living in Salt Lake City, Gaskell Romney sued Mexico for the loss of his property and, in 1938, was awarded damages of $9,163. Half of the money went to his son, George Romney, putting the family on a solid financial footing during the Great Depression.
      In today's dollar that means Romney's $9,168.00 Settlement would equal $1,890,000.00.

      It is clear to me, and it is my opinion after reading the Daily Telegraph that Mitt Romney is a pathological liar and a bigot.

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