London Newspaper, The Daily Telegraph,tells Talking Points Memo Evan McMorris-Santoro that the paper has not received a request from the Romney campaign for a retraction or correction on a story published stating Romney's Foreign Policy Advisors say President Obama is not "Anglo-Saxon" enough to understand Foreign Policy.

      The mere fact that Romney has not even so much as requested a Retraction or Correction weakens any "denial" Mitt's Campaign puts out and may even highlight the notion that he, Mitt, does agree with the Advisor who said that to the Daily Telegraph.  

      This story is in all European news -- yet Romney still has not even requested a Retraction or a Correction from the Daily Telegraph and I think that speaks volumes against any "denial" Romney puts out to the Press.

       Many racists against black people have long held that black people have smaller brains than white people and as a result are not as smart as white people.  Is that what Romney means when his Advisors say Romney thinks President Obama is not "Anglo-Saxon" enough to understand Foreign Policy?

If Romney is using the term "Anglo-Saxon" as a noun
       Then Romney's "Anglo-Saxon" Foreign Policy would go backward to at least the 5th or 6th Century where America would be compelled to embrace the Foreign Policy ideas of West Germanic tribal group that inhabited northern Germany and invaded Britain and maintained control of Britain and formed the Ruling Class until the Norman conquest of 1066.

       In short, Romney would be saying he is pissed that President Obama has not invaded Britain and took control of British Parliament.  And that, if Romney became President he would invade Britain and take control of British Parliament -- I'm sure the Brits love that idea.

If Romney is using the term "Anglo-Saxon" as an adjective:
      Then Romney is highlighting and underscoring his bigotry towards: non-whites, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist and all other religions except Protestant, because when used as an adjective, "Anglo-Saxon" means "relating to the White Protestant culture."

      Ya know, I don't think America needs a President who will only look out for the interests of White Protestants (Anglo-Saxon).

Was Romney Taught Bigotry?
      Everyone knows Mitt Romney was a Mormon Leader and that the Mormon church said black people will not enter Heaven because they are not white.

      A statement of The First Presidency on the question of blacks, July 17, 1947, quoted in "Mormonism and the Negro" pp.46-7 stated:

"From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith even until now, it has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the gospel."
    Some of Romney's Press Secretary has not asked the Daily Telegraph to correct or retract the story - yet - they do "deny" that the Advisor was speaking for Romney.
”If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Governor Romney or anyone inside the campaign,”
~ Romney Press Secretary Andrea M. Saul
   Let me repeat, Romney has not requested a correction or retraction from the Daily Telegraph.

     Romney has said many times that President Obama is "foreign" to the "American Experience."  

     Romney's surrogates say "I wish President Obama would learn how to be an American"

     Now Romney's Advisors are saying Mitt doesn't think President Obama is "Anglo-Saxon" enough to understand Foreign Policy.

     Romney said he wants voters to search for what is in his "heart" -- lately, all I've seen coming from Romney's heart is hate, lies and bigotry.

      America does not need a bigot for President.


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