Mitt Romney is lucky he's had such a terrible trip to the U.K. so far.

Otherwise, it might be a big deal that he just called the country he's visiting by the wrong name:

“I also feel, as Americans do across our nation, a special relationship with the nation of Great Britain and with the people here, and obviously our appreciation for the contribution of British soldiers fighting side by side with those of the coalition and those from our nation in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the last many years is something which is important to us.”
Along with breaking the news to Mr. Romney that the Soviet Union he keeps referring to hasn't existed in more than two decades, someone might want to take him aside and gently point out that the nation called Great Britain hasn't existed for more than two centuries: it's been the United Kingdom since 1801. Great Britain is an island, rather like Mr. Romney's worldview--while England, another of Mr. Romney's unfortunate assertions notwithstanding, is not.

Good thing that Mr. Romney doesn't believe in apologizing, or at this rate he'd be obliged to prolong his trip by several hours to mop up his puddles of gaffe.  One shudders to think what the Anglo-Saxons (not to mention the descendants of Normans, Trinidadians, Pakistanis, Manx, and all those other, er, Great Britainers) would think of him by then.

Originally posted to Leaves on the Current on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 03:07 PM PDT.

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