Mitt Romney
Ambassador of embarrassment.
The Romney London PR disaster continues:
Mitt Romney has been rebuked by the US Olympic legend Carl Lewis after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee questioned whether London was fully prepared for the Olympic Games.
Rebuked as in telling Romney to go home.
"Seriously, some Americans just shouldn't leave the country," the nine-times Olympic gold medal winner told the Independent.
And demonstrating that a real Olympian (unlike a cardboard narcissist) knows how to be a diplomat:
Asked whether London was ready to stage the Games, Lewis said: "Of course London is ready."
Romney has been rebuked or mocked by British Prime Minister David Cameron, British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, and London Mayor Boris Johnson, conservative Tories one and all. As for liberals, Nicholas Watt of The Guardian writes:
The comparisons with Romney's trip to Europe and Obama's visit at almost exactly the same stage in the electoral cycle four years ago are almost too embarrassing to mention. Obama wooed a quarter of a million people in Berlin while Romney was mocked by the British prime minister.
The Guardian helpfully provides a recap of Romney's day, complete with videos.

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