Hammering this out on my iPad at the local Starbucks so forgive the lameness of the diary lacking in well organized and pretty little orange linky-links....mmmK?

It was brought in another post here and I think it's brilliant; Mitt is a walking gaffe machine and we need to help feed the Gaffe Machine with fuel so he can continue exposing his incompetency to compete for the job as President of the United States.

I'm referencing specifically his stop in Israel and the knowledge that he's avoiding the US press corp and only answering to the host country's press corp.  And the topic of nuclear-danger potential for Mitt is the issue of the ACTIVE practice of the Mormon church to posthumously convert Jews.

We MUST barrage all Israeli press organizations with the suggestion and reminder about The Mormon church's practice and have them ask Mitt on camera what his stance on this topic is. If we can have it happen live on US network news, it would be AWESOMEZZZ.

It will create a huge conundrum that will be hard for him to wiggle out of. I suspect we'll get to enjoy more 'Mitt-isms' that will make for great conversation and laughs at countless bars, kitchens, and living rooms of Progressives worldwide.

Here's the request:

1) Find every news organization in Israel

2) Email every Editor and writer to remind them of the Mormon ACTIVE church practice of posthumous conversion of Jews and whether they will ask Mitt Romney to explain his stance on this issue.

You and I know, this issue is DEEPLY offensive to the Jewish people.  And Mitt is the Mormon church's great white hope. It makes for a potential confrontation that will be entertaining to say the least. But more importantly will apply the kind of REAL PRESSURE the job of competing for the job of POTUS that #AmericanBorat needs to be subjected to.

Have a great Friday everyone!!

And email at least 5 members of the Israeli press today!

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