Tea Party wacko Jim DeMint is mad. Really mad. Why? Because the truth is being plastered on South Carolina televisions.

A brief update from the Alliance for Full Acceptance:

Channel 5 - WCSC reverses its decision and airs AFFA ads

Channel 2 - WCBD is the only station to cancel one of the three ads it had been broadcasting for five weeks--after Sen Jim DeMint's attorney told them it should be "pulled immediately."

Sen. DeMint's attorney demanded stations airing the ad forward "the documentation that you have in your possession which demonstrates Sen. DeMint's statements about Gays not teaching in the public schools." AFFA provided transcripts of DeMint's statements--as well as numerous headlines.

Here's the backstory.

9:38 AM PT: Here's the link with the headline: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

11:08 AM PT: Help AFFA keep this and the other 2 ads running on TV. Donate today...


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