The tax cut is for 100% of the people. No one is left out. In a previous diary, I commented on exactly this point.
So POTUS should make this speech below the squiggly

POTUS: The Republicans will not move forward unless the tax cuts are for the 100% not the 98%. (pause)

POTUS: OK. (pause)

POTUS: I give up.(pause)

POTUS: Obama caves again!(joking/smiling). (pause)

POTUS: I agree to continue to giving tax cuts to EVERYONE, including the top 1% the millionares and billionaires, for the first $250 thousand dollars every one of us makes each year. And then, I would agree to add ONLY 4 more % on any income ABOVE 250 thousand dollars each year. So someone making 260 thousand dollars a year would still pay the same tax as today on the first 250 thousand dollars and then pay only 400 dollars more for the next $10 thousand dollars of income. Sound fair?

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