It's not just they lie. They say things that will tip the country backwards -- and some people are stupid enough to believe it.

It always amazes me how Republicans are a viable political party in this country. For all they say and do, they should be a minority party -- I mean like microscopic minority. But they're not.

With their continual favors to the wealthy and the beatdown of middle class Americans, you'd think that the majority of Americans -- the full 99 percent, for example -- would not accept them as an option.

But some of them do. Maybe it's their racial ideas like with immigration. Maybe it's the fact that some Americans (all Fox News viewers no doubt) subconsciously wish we would turn the time clock back to the 17th century.

Republican politics are stupid and in the worst way, though they actually have made some interesting ideas. The fact that Mitt Romney won't take credit for it doesn't ignore the fact he inspired Obama's health care reform. (And should, God forbid, he win as president, how quickly he'll turn around again and want credit for it.)

But the idiotic Republican majority in the House and minority in the set has largely done what they've set out to do -- paralyze the government from making major accomplishments during the Obama Administration.

Oh yeah -- and then it's Obama's fault.

John Boenher, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are the worst of the worst. Ryan's "budget" is insanity come to life. But yet, Republicans have somehow brainwashed some voters to go along with it.

You have to wonder what it will take to make people wake up. Hopefully, not four more years of Republican rule.

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