There is a seriously disturbing pattern emerging around Republican policies and rape. In an unprecedented way, Republicans have legislated for rape to be easier to commit and with less help given to the victims.

What's sickening is this isn't just some anomaly, this is a phenomenon among the "Family Values" and "Tough on Crime" party.


- The Republicans in the House of Representatives attempted to pass a bill that would redefine rape to only mean "forcible" rape. Put another way, it would effectively decriminalize statutory and date rape.    

- The House GOP is against a law that would make it easier forraped soldiers to get an abortion.  


- The city of Topeka, Kansas repealed it's domestic abuse law which would in effect decriminalize domestic abuse. While not necessarily rape, it makes it significantly easier to commit one if police don't respond to domestic abuse.    

South Carolina

- Gov. Nikki Haley vetoed $453,680 for rape crisis centers and calls them "special interests." She was also classy enough to call rape and abuse victims "distractions."


- Victims are being charged for their rape kits at the price of $1,200. Put another way, they are being taxed $1,200 for being raped. It also makes it easier for rapists since it's more difficult to press charges  when you have to pay over a thousand dollars.

And notice this doesn't even include trans-vaginal ultrasound laws, this is the Republican party literally redefining rape to make it easier to commit and punishing victims of it.  

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