Meh.  Ever since I've lost my Kindle (read it got stolen by some sleazeball on the bus) I've not been reading as fast or as much and I've simply not got the energy to do much of anything reading/literary wise and I know I have some stuff to get done including a blog tour post to get done in the next couple of days.

My Author Read & Reviews have fallen to the wayside and I've fallen behind on my dates for them to be posted because I don't have my kindle, I can't make notes that I need on them when I'm out of the house because I am ONLY using Kindle for PC for my digital books and I'm losing my damned mind because staring at the computer screen for extended periods of time is not doing happy things for my eyes/head/mood after working all day and dealing with the stupidity that is the human race (I work fast food).  

I have more than half a dozen books to read and by the time I get home from work, usually after being out of the house for more than 14 hrs, walking 2 miles at 415 am, taking 2 buses in and then standing on my feet for 6-7 hours, and then taking 3 buses home and god forbid I miss a bus because that adds an hour and a half to my travel time due to my last bus only running every 90 minutes - I have absolutely NO energy do anything, and usually just end up puttering around until having to help FloridaSNMom with dinner and dishes, mindlessly watch something on TV and fall into bed - and if I'm lucky I may have read about 100 words of something.

Though I do tend to read while I'm on the bus, but that is merely for me to stay awake and not miss my bus stops and ultimately end up screwing myself on my way home.  Beyond that, carrying many more books than I really want.  Currently I have three that I am carrying with me and I'm in the middle of reading.  2 of them are books that I am reading to get a feel of the authors to create some interview questions for them and I'm really liking one of the books, the other I'm kinda on the fence on.

The books are:

1. Falling Immortality by Robert Downs and the main character is a wise cracking ex-cop turned P.I. in Virginia.  He's a smart-ass womanizer and has a line for everything and if he could he'd have a woman for everyday of the week.  But he's currently investigating a 2 year old murder and things are not going as smoothly as Casey would like.

2. Voluspa by Sam D. & Ray East, this book, is the one that I'm kinda on the fence about and I can't really get into it at the moment.  It is a fantasy type book and kinda weird in its starting off, but if I can trudge through the beginnings maybe it will get better.

Those are the two trade paperbacks that I'd gotten from the authors to try and formulate interview questions for.  I'm also reading the second omnibus in the Cheysuli series by Jennifer Roberson and stalled in that at the moment in favor of reading Falling Immortality.

I'd set a goal of 200 books for the year and I've only read about 155, I'd have reached my goal if I'd not been stupid and let my kindle get stolen.  Seriously not a happy bibliophile at this point in time.  Not cool.  It also doesn't help that holding too many books tends to flare my neuropathy and have me ending up in my brace and on pain killers and not able to focus on anything.  Kindle was so much lighter and not likely to flare my neuropathy and make me want to cry.  

So, I'm going to continue to mourn the loss of my Kindle until I ultimately get the finances to replace my precious shadow.

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