We need to have a bigger argument.

People will not go to the polls in November with small, 'he said, she said' issues on their minds. They will vote for the person they believe will best benefit themselves and their families and for the candidate that offers a better future.

People also vote by their ideology. Ideology is much bigger than single issues. Your Ideology is a group of overall ideas and beliefs, how you feel about your country and how you think things should be. If a person is a Republican, it's because they believe in that form of governing. They will most likely support that belief despite the candidate running to implement it. They will defend them because they support that ideology, not support that ideology because of them.

My point is that we need to stop running solely on issues and run on our ideology. A full scale campaign about who we are and who they are.

Republicans use this to their advantage all the time...

"Democrats kill babies, we save lives"

"Democrats want big government, we support freedom"

"Democrats raise taxes, we say keep your money"

They don't let small issues and details get in the way of their messaging. They make blanket statements to establish a difference between them and us. Say whatever you want about it, it works.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating and defending our beliefs and values despite what the right says about it. Besides, by my experience if conservatives hate it, you must be doing something right.  

All you ever hear about from the left is how this person is corrupt and this person here got this much money from this corporation and so on and so on and so on....

It's not that they're wrong. Its just that we get so caught up in media politics and attacking back that we neglect to project a vision. I'm not saying that Democrats should stop attacking republicans and stop holding them accountable, quite the opposite. However, we can't forget to prop ourselves up.

You don't win elections by running against something. Just ask Walter Mondale, Tom Barrett, John Kerry or Mitt Romney on November 7th.

You win elections by being FOR something. You win by supporting a candidate, not tearing the other one down below you.

So let's have a bigger, overall message about who we are and what we stand for and who they are and what they stand for.

We love America

They seem to hate everything about it

We build things

They destroy them

We believe that people shouldn't die because they can't afford health care

They say 'Screw 'em'

We believe in an economy that works for anyone who is willing to work

They believe in corporate welfare

We have big ideas

They have no ideas

We believe in protecting the environment for our children and their children

They are selfishly willing to trash it for profits

We believe in the right to vote

They believe only voters who vote for them should have the right to vote

We fight for American workers

They fight for CEO's

We believe in social equality and deplore discrimination

They believe in discrimination and deplore social equality

We believe a woman should have control over her own body

They believe government should regulate vaginas

We believe in taking care of our nation's seniors

They say 'let them die'

We create American jobs

They send them to overseas sweatshops

We believe in education

They believe in stupidity and ignorance

We believe in rules and laws to protect society

They believe in anarchy

We believe in a government that works for everyone

They believe in a government that works for no one

We believe in people over profits

They believe in profits over people

We fight for the underdog

They are the oppressors

We believe in facts

They believe in Fox

We believe in a free country that is free from religious persecution

They believe in a strictly Christian nation

We fight for people of all ages

They fight only for fetuses

We fight to ensure the American dream

They fight to ensure the American nightmare

We believe in holding Wall Street Accountable

They believe in the checks Wall Street writes them

We believe in a government by the people and for the people

They believe in corporate fascism

We believe in a better tomorrow

They believe in returning to the 1800's

We believe in progression

They believe in regression

We believe in people

They believe corporations are people

We believe the rich should pay taxes like everyone else

They believe the rich should pay no taxes, but we should raise yours to pay for them

We believe in the constitution

They believe in a pledge from Grover Norquist

We believe in 'united we stand, divided we fall'

They believe in 'divided we stand, united we fall'

We believe in humanity

They believe in insanity

We support gay rights

They think being gay is a 'disease' that can be 'cured'

We fight in ALL Americans

They fight for rich white men

We deplore racism and bigotry

They defend it

We believe in civilization

They want to return to the wild west

We believe in hope

They rely on fear

We believe in America

They believe in money

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