This is a diary for people who want to ban guns but who live in a country where that's not possible. It's for people who are tired of being terrorized by those who are members of organizations that advocate for gun ownership in our society.

If you are a gun supporter, this diary is not for you and you aren't welcome here.

Enough is enough. Many people like myself are tired of Americans dying senselessly to protect an arcane right that's no longer necessary and probably never was. We're tired of the shootings. We're tired of the worn out senseless defense of gun rights by sociopoaths and other assorted people.

Guns are designed to kill. They should all be banned. All of them.

But since peaceful Americans are forbidden from making their communities safe, since we're forbidden from living in communities free of the very real terrorism the NRA and gun right advocates now represent in this country, then we must find new ways to make our values known.

It's time to ban all gun right advocates and NRA members from our lives, from our social circles, from discussions with us.

They've given up the right to take part in our corner of decent civil society.

1:12 PM PT: I repeat: Gun right defenders are NOT welcome in this diary. If they post here, it's an unwelcome intrusion during an ongoing tragedy. That intrusion is beneath contempt and even if I did speak with gun right defenders, I certainly wouldn't respond to them under these circumstances where they've explicitly been asked to stay away from me. They should take their gun right evangelism elsewhere. They aren't welcome here.

1:36 PM PT: Gun right advocates below prove they have no sense of decency or respect for the wishes of others. And that's part of the reason they shouldn't have the right to own guns or interact with me any longer. They will always seek to impose their will on the rest of us, either by violent force or support for radical organizations. And they will always shit on the rest of us and our desire to be left alone in peace with their extremism. That's who they are.

5:30 PM PT: It's several hours later... still not engaging gun right supporters. There seems to be something about the concept of them not being worthy of the respect it would take to interact with them that they still don't understand. I thought the title of the diary was pretty clear, but I guess nobody ever accused gun advocates of being all that bright.

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