ABC Evening News stepped up to the plate for Mitt Romney and did a segment on Harry Reid's claim that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in a decade.

The intro said Republicans were pushing back, and claimed Democrats were having trouble defending Reid, and replayed footage from their Sunday talk show with George Stepananopoulos interviewing Reince Priebus who said he wouldn't dignify Harry Reid by engaging him, then proceeded to call him a 'dirty liar'. Then they showed Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who because she didn't know Harry Reid's source (isn't that the point asks George) means she's not defending Reid.

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What about Priebus claiming that Harry Reid has never filed a page of tax returns? Isn't that an 'irresponsible assertion'? How does he know anything about Reid's taxes, and who is his source? And what about every other irresponsible assertion the GOP has ever made? We'll never be hearing about them. The Villagers are very confused and taken aback that the Democrats are capable of playing hardball. But thanks ABC, you did your job. And Romney thanks you.

And, it's not as if Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney of any wrongdoing!

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