The Dallas Observer, an alternative weekly newspaper, did a piece this week about the fallout from Melody Townsel's letter about John Bolton. The whole story is here.

Here's an excerpt:

Ultimately, what the bloggers don't mention is the toll exacted upon the whistleblower. The first time she tried to warn superiors about wrongdoing at the top, she says, they sicced John Bolton on her. The second time, the bloggers and right-wing columnists and Republican politicians and powerbrokers came after her. Worse, she says, she has lost two clients over this. "In the business of PR, image is all," she says. "And they want somebody who isn't the story." For the moment, Townsel worries less about what people say about her than how she will pay the bills this year.

"As I sit here today, yes, I think I would do it again," she says. "I still feel very much that I did my duty. That's my heart talking. My head's saying, 'Damn, it's cost me a lot of money.' I don't know. I think you've gotta live your life in a way that you stand by your convictions, and I think I've done that here."

To quote Sideshow Bob, "no child has ever crossed the Republican Party and lived to tell about it"

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