Behold: The Key to a Successful Campaign!
OK, I don't mean to make too big a thing out of this, but what's the deal with candidates--especially male Republican candidates (big shock)--handing out official campaign emery boards to voters?

I was voter #18 at Bloomfield Twp. Pct. 24 this morning, and was approached by Don Volaric, a GOP guy running for Congress in Michigan's new 9th district (aka the guy who's gonna lose to Sandy Levin in November). He gave me an official Don Volaric emery board "for my wife or girlfriend" because "the women love them."

Seriously, this is like the 3rd emery board that a candidate has given me "for my wife or girlfriend" this cycle. Is this a thing now?

I don't mean to make a big thing about this, but...really? Ladies, do you really "love" free emery boards with a political candidates' name on them? Are women really that concerned about filing their nails that they have to have emery boards ready for action at any given moment?

Then again, it could have been worse. He must have run out of his official "Don Volaric moustache trimmers" for dudes.

Just wondering.

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