Most of us have heard (or seen) the furious rant that Ann Coulter unleashed on Sean Hannity's show about Andrea Saul. But it's possible that in her fury, Ann Coulter may have made a bigger slip than Saul.

I was watching Rachel Maddow's show this evening, where Rachel played part of Coulter's rant. Rant below the fold, courtesy of Mediaite    

“Her response was not that it was despicable, not that Bain… that Romney had left Bain five years earlier or the woman died five years after the plant closed and didn’t even get her insurance from her husband, her response was, ‘Well, if she had lived in Massachusetts with Mitt Romney’s health care plan, she would have had health insurance.’ Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney, and I mean the big donors, ought to say if Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow, they are not giving another dime, because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has…

There’s no point in you doing your show, (emphasis mine) there’s no point in going to the convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this. This ad is the turning point and she has nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! She should be off the campaign.”

It's like saying "in other news, water is wet" to Democrats to accuse Fox News of shilling for Republicans. But I've never seen someone like Ann Coulter admit that the only reason for Sean Hannity's show is to get Romney elected. I thought that Hannity looked briefly alarmed, but he did nothing to correct her.
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