What could be better than throwing your own boss under the bus during a failed attempt at discrediting Obama?

Posts Brendan Buck, top Romney political aide:

...which leads to this oh-so-good-for-Romney headline "Obama Campaign Also Tied Romney To Woman's Death"

...which takes you to the slideshow in question

...that leads to an old, forgotten Reuters article titled Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet...

...that includes passages like these (all emphasis mine):

Overall, Bain made at least $12 million on the steel company it created by merging the Kansas City mill with another in South Carolina before the new entity declared bankruptcy in 2001. Bain also collected an additional $900,000 a year through 1999 for management consulting services, public filings show.
Oh, 2001...wasn't Romney still CEO and sole owner of Bain?
They also fault Bain for putting inexperienced managers in place and spurning a buyout offer from a competitor. Workers say efforts to cut corners often backfired, driving costs higher.
That's rich!  Just the kind of President we need, putting (Bain) capital ahead of human capital!
The Kansas City millworkers, meanwhile, are still fuming, after being left with no health benefits and a reduced pension check.

"Romney cost me lots and lots of sleepless nights and lots and lots of money," said Ed Stanger, who worked at the plant for nearly 30 years.

That's how you reward loyalty, Romney!  Kill their health benefits and their pensions so you can make a little more change!
For Joe Soptic, who worked at the plant for 28 years, that meant a loss of $283 per month, about 22 percent of his pension. Others lost up to $400 per month, according to documents supplied by the union.


After nearly 30 years as a steelworker, Joe Soptic found a job as a school custodian. The $24,000 salary was roughly one-third of his former pay, and the health plan did not cover his wife, Ranae.

Ah, but Joe should have moved to Massachussetts for the Romneycare, right Andrea?
When Ranae started losing weight, "I tried to get her to the doctor and she wouldn't go," Soptic said. She ended up in the county hospital with pneumonia, where doctors discovered her advanced lung cancer. She died two weeks later.

So, yes Brendan Buck, let's talk about

1. Bain, which
2. gutted steel workers at a company
3. whose laid-off employee's wife later died of cancer,
4. not something you want to tie to Mitt Romney?


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