Here's something that's gonna be fun to keep in the Republican's faces until Romney loses in November.

Paul Ryan is a dedicated devotee of Ayn Rand.   Here's audio of him admitting his extreme devotion to her (including a bit of flip-floppery):

But here's the fun thing that a lot of people -- especially those theocrats in God's Own Party -- don't know about Ayn Rand:  Satanism is heavily based on her philosophy.

When Anton LaVey started Satanism as an official religion, he admitted that it was "just Ayn Rand’s philosophy with ceremony and ritual added."  As that link points out, LaVey was even accused of plagiarizing Atlas Shrugged in parts of The Satanic Bible.    There's even an essay on Rand's importance to Satanism on The Church of Satan's website.

Rand herself was an atheist.  Oddly enough, in my experience atheists scare some hardcore evangelicals even more than Satanists do, because they think Satanists are still playing the "there are magical beings" game.  So if Ryan isn't a huge proponent of a Satanic philosophy, then it's at least an atheistic one.

Most Republicans today are practically theocrats, or at least the ones I know here in the South are.  The main driving force that keeps them voting for Republicans is that they think they're the "Jesus party."  Unfortunately, Christianity has been so corrupted by being entangled with politics that they've also somehow managed to fit Ayn Rand into their pantheon... but that's mostly because they don't know that she's basically Satanism-by-proxy.  I've confronted a few of them with that and backed it up by showing them the Church of Satan's website, and it's really upset them and tripped them up.  When they find out what Rand wrought, they usually get embarrassed and try to distance themselves from her.  You can't get much farther from the teachings of Jesus than Rand's selfishness-is-a-virtue bullshit.

So, this might be a useful thing to start mailing your friends, neighbors, parents, etc. next time they send you one of those "FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: OMG Romney and Ryan need to save us from evil Obama now!!!!!!!" chain letters.   They're already freaked out enough that Romney's a Mormon... wait'll they learn that his running mate's a Satanist-once-removed!  

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