Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is on the stage speaking now. You can watch the livestream here.

6:32 AM PT: Apparently Mitt Romney introduced Ryan as "the next president of the United States." Whoops. I missed that, but he came and corrected himself.

6:34 AM PT:
another mistake: Romney just teed up ad featuring his arm around Ryan saying "every now and then I make a mistake"
@PeterHambyCNN via web

6:39 AM PT: This is the scariest speech I have ever heard a politician give. He is painting a picture of an America in the gutter. And saying we are doomed ... unless we give him and Mitt the keys to the White House.

6:40 AM PT: Paul Ryan, who is 42 and has served in Congress since he was 28, says Obama is too government centered. "If you have a small business, You. Did. Build. That."

6:41 AM PT: Next, Ryan talks about Bain Capital. Well, if you got laid off by Bain: Mitt. Did. Profit. From. That.

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