Everyday, there are diaries on Kos asking for donations to help someone in need. Now, I am asking you to help all those people and more with one donation.

Within the first four hours of announcing Paul Ryan -- would-be destroyer of Medicare, anti-equality, anti-woman, anti-education, and pro-1%--as his vice presidential choice, the Romney campaign announced that it had raised more than $1.2 million.

Who gave the Romney/Ryan ticket this money? Click the squiggle to find out.

It was contributed by people who ate at Chik-Fil-A to show their support for homophobia. It was given by the people who vote for the kind of personhood amendments Paul Ryan has expressed support for in the past. It came from the Scrooges who think we should let the poor and the sick die to decrease the surplus population -- all so the Romneys, Ryans, Koches (is that plural for Koch? If not, substitute greedy bastards to be grammatically correct), and Trumps of this world can build car elevators and buy golden toilets.

Yes, Romney has been outraising president Obama, a trend likely to continue, but we should make him work harder for those bragging rights.

Today, I contributed $50 for the following:

*To preserve Medicare, Social Security, and women's health and reproductive rights
*To support marriage equality, our Veterans, green energy, and wage fairness
*To expand and preserve the rights of immigrants and laborers
*To ensure our children get a good education and can afford college
*To maintain our country's position as one of the leaders in technology and science
*To keep religion out of our public schools and our private rooms
*To fight discrimination, bigotry, and anti-Muslim witch hunts
*To reverse climate change
*To ensure those in need have access to healthcare, food, and a helping hand

Oh yeah, and I gave it for two guys named Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I'm afraid, however, that $50 or $15 or $5 won't do much on its own, so I'm encouraging everyone who can to chip in and help me beat today's Rmoney/Ryan haul.

Let's wipe a little smugness from Romney's face (if humanly possible) by helping the Obama campaign remind everyone that Americans have yet to see Romney's tax returns and to educate them on how much Romney enjoyed robbing people of their livelihoods, healthcare, and pensions when he worked for Bain Capital.

We may not have the perfect candidate, and we may not get everything we'd like to think we're paying for, but I guarantee that the president and vice president we have now are way better than the president and vice president we will get should Romney/Ryan win in November.


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