Rebels have claimed to have captured the ejected pilot and say they will hold him in accordance with international law.

Syrian state media have confirmed the crash, but claimed it was due to "mechanical error."  Suuuuure.

The Syrian Air Force prior to the uprising had around 145 of these Mig-23s...a staple of ex-Soviet puppet regimes since the late 1960s. Maybe 80 to 100 were in working condition with Syria.  Among other countries still flying them are Cuba, Ethiopia, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

I know of at least one other Mig-23 that was destroyed by rebel forces a few months ago with an anti-tank missile while parked on on airfield.

Just a few days ago a tweep of mine with excellent sources inside Syria said that numerous teams of rebels had completed training on air defense systems including shoulder-fired missiles, and that this week specifically we'd start seeing Assad's helicopters and even Migs start to fall from the sky.

He was also quick to point out this morning that one Mig like this could be a fluke. The jet went down in Derr Ezzor which is a bit further away from the border than Aleppo.  I hear gunfire in that video but don't see/hear anything resembling a missile.  Though curious the cameraman only starts filming a few seconds before the jet catches fire.

Assad is now regularly employing fixed wing aircraft to attack targets inside cities.  Use of unguided munitions and gun runs.  Civilians have paid a heavy price.  So if the Syrian rebels have found a way to give those pilots second thoughts, make them fly a bit higher or abort their attacks altogether, I say Huzzah.

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