GOPTruth exists only in the minds of Republicans. It is an alternate reality where the whole of the Democratic Party is coming after your guns, your property, your family and your way of life. It is a belief that President Obama is some Communist Muslim Usurper. A belief that US Foreign Policy is to bow down to enemy states, even ones that are no longer enemies. To the GOP, the Soviet Union still exists. Every Islamic Country is trying to take over the US. It is a reality that says get government out of medicare.

It is of course complete bullshit. GOPTruth would if there were decent reporters be called a stupid idiotic lie. It is however how the GOP won in 2010. Follow me down the fold.

This pretence of being balanced in reporting should not allow pure idiocy to become facts. Honest reporters should when confronted with GOPTruth just burst out and laugh. When they do not and in fact give it greater kudos to reality, truth dies.

Let's start with the birthers. I could go back further to Bill Clinton but in the interests of being concise I cannot.

The whole birther industry was encouraged, if not invented by lunatic Larry Johnson. A so called Hillary Democrat. He, along with other Republican operatives, claiming to be Hillary Democrats donated the maximum amount to the Clinton campaign just days before she ended her run. This was not unexpected. Selling hate is profitable and $2,300 was just seed money.

Larry Johnson was the inventor of the whitey tape. It became an internet laughing stock. He was still claiming it existed shortly before the election of the then candidate Obama. (Note that the comments have been deleted).

He was also home to a writer called TexasDarlin. The inventor of the birthers. Rush Limbaugh cautioned Republicans against taking up the cause of the birthers. The story of the birthers got spread about the GOP blogosphere. It was then publised by GOP papers such as the Washington Times. It then was entertained by Fox News and it then became GOPFact.

When the whole bither thing was laughed out, a new thing was developed. "Natural born citizen". In Shakespeare that is one not born of caesarean section, to the GOP, it meant a Presidential Candidate was only qualified when both parents were American and the candidate was born in the US.  The whole argument about "natural born" should cause some cognitive dissonance amongst reasonable people. Among the GOP, not. Not one birther has questioned the qualification of Mitt Romney to be President. It does not form part of GOPTruth. A GOPTruth that allowed idiots to profit from idiots, ranging from Berg to Orly to Trump. Started from the blogosphere, to the printed press to tv.

Breitbart then became a source of GOPTruth. Destroying ACORN because they helped register poor - black - people to vote. Unadulterated racism has become easily hidden in GOPTruth, attacking it has become "reverse racism".

The GOP continues their version of GOPTruth by calling President Obama "President Downgrade". If there was ever a need to call a duck a duck, the Tea Party House Republicans were nothing but Tea Party Terrorists. They took the US economy hostage over debt limit negotiations. Few thought that they would be stupid enough to do that. They were. They were happy to destroy the US economy. They revelled in it. If the US Government is going to pass a budget in deficit, then it will need to increase the debt limit. Fact. The GOP held that to ransom. They now blame the President. The President caused the debt downgrade that is now GOPTruth. It was in facta Tea Party downgrade.

I could go on. There are many many examples of GOPTruth. "Death Panels". Blaming President Obama for TARP. "Spending hikes". All GOPTruth.

Mitt Romney is no stranger to GOPTruth. In the Republican Primaries he attacked fellow Republicans for not being sufficiently supportive of Paul Ryan. He has now pulled those ads. Not only that, despite proposing Ryan as the running mate, he has now dropped support for Ryan. Where does he stand? To the Washington Times, he is strongly pro Ryan "reforms". To the Huffington Post, he will be against the Ryan budget. That he can stand on two different places to two different media outlets is allowed because of GOPTruth.

Mitt Romney was able to get away with claiming that President Obama was takingvotes away from veterans. He is supposedly an enemy of the military. It was of course GOPTruth. That GOPTruth gets twisted into some weird stretch of reality in order to defend pure liar.

GOPTruth is endemic in debates with Republicans. Medicare is broken but don't cut it unless you are Republican.  Social Security is broken but forget the number of Tea Party people who depend on it. The Government spends too much. The Government spends too little on NASA, military, oil. It taxes too much. It doesn't tax the poor enough. Obama raised their taxes.

Did Mitt Romney "murder" Joe Soptic's wife? No, Priorities USAis not actually saying that. They have never said that. The healthcare reforms of both Mitt Romney and President Obama would have helped her. Mitt Romney wants to get rid of ObamaCare. GOPTruth will be that Mitt Romney was accused of murder.

In Detroit, Mitt Romney can claim to have supported saving the auto-mobile industry. In the GOP blogosphere he was against.

The GOP upped their addiction to GOPTruth by selecting Mitt Romney. They do not even believe in him but now according to Rush, their real leader, Romney is a real GOPTruth Conservative. Fox loves him. The right wing blogs love him. Stericycle, China, those little issues. Naah, just like fossils, they are the devil's creation to confuse GOP Creationists, where Mitt got his money from is a bad liberal plot. On November 7th, assuming that America has a semblance of good sense, Limbaugh, the right wing blogosphere, Fox will all declare it was because Romney was a RINO who did not fight. Ask Mccain about that element of GOPTruth.  

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