I should begin by reminding people that however glad we are that Mitt Romney picked the truly frightening, utterly loathsome right-wing fanatic Paul Ryan as his running mate, that Ryan is a smooth-talking con artist who knows how to pull the wool over people's eyes. He may not be as easy to destroy as we hope.

Second, I should remind people that the Republicans are pushing this "Obama stole $700 billion from Medicare" lie already, as a preemptive strike on our push against the man that Charles Pierce wonderfully calls "the zombie-eyed granny starver".

Third, I should remind everyone that the Republicans and their radical right allies have an OBSCENE amount of money to push their vicious lies. Don't underestimate that. In Kansas, the Kochs and their friends wiped out just about every moderate Republican in the state with a relentless three-week ad blitz at the end of the primary campaign. These bastards Romney and Ryan have us outgunned financially. They will blitz us HARD in October and early November.

So what do we do, other than the work we are already doing? Follow me below the orange croissant for two big suggestions.


First, Romney's greatest weakness is the growing perception that he is a chronic liar and someone who's hiding his ugly personal affairs. Well, I've got a little project going called Romney the Liar. It's right here. Since 4 January I have compiled more than ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY lies by Willard. I have amassed some extraordinarily powerful stuff.


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As of this morning I have almost 75,000 page views, but most of them are from people who are already probably committed to voting for Obama. I need to reach out into the broader population.

Will you help me, my wonderful community friends?


We are, as I say, outgunned. We are in danger of losing this Republic to the most dangerous right wing radicals in American history. This country will not survive another term of Republican economic policy. They MUST be stopped. What can we do?

There are 450,000 members of this site.  It is to all of you that I appeal.

I call upon the Daily Kos community to raise $100,000,000 for the Democratic campaign this year.

Don't laugh.

Don't scoff.

Don't blow it off.

I am working to get $10,000 in contributions on my personal Obama page. The equivalent of 10,000 other Kossack money raisers also rustling up $10,000 would do it. Some 100,000 Kossacks rounding up $1000 apiece can accomplish the same goal.

This is NOT wildly unlikely.

It's DOABLE--if we work for it.

Think of what $100 million over and above what we have can do.

It's $20 million extra EACH in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with $10 million EACH left over for North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado and $5 million EACH for Iowa and Wisconsin. No political site has EVER raised anything like this.

It's wildly ambitious.

That's why we need to do it.

There's a line in an old Steely Dan song that goes, "All I ask of you, is make my wildest dreams come true." That's what I'm asking of you.

I'm 60. I don't know how many years more will be granted to me. But I have two beautiful grandchildren whose futures are being threatened by these Republican fanatics. I need to do this for them. And for one other reason:

For America--and all of you.

"Some men see things the way they are and say why. I dream things that never were and ask why not."  Robert F. Kennedy

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