President Obama a short while ago dissed Romney on his opposition to wind energy.

The President quoted Romney's silly assertion during the GOP primaries that "you can't put a windmill on your car.

In vintage Obama dry wit, the President paused for perfect comedic timing, chuckled then delivered the punchline.

I know he's had other things on his car

Credit for Video clip goes to The Obama Diary


Let me give another example. We are at a moment right now when home grown energy, like  wind energy is creating jobs all across Iowa and all across the country, and guess what? Gov Romney said let’s end tax credits for wind energy production, let’s get rid of them. He said that new sources of energy like wind are "imaginary".

His running mate calls them "a fad". During a speech a few months ago, Gov Romney even explained his energy policy this way. I am quoting here:

“Yer can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.

That’s what he said about wind power,

“Yer can’t drive a car with a windmill on it." (audience laughter)

Now (PBO chuckles) I don’t know if he’s actually tried it, I do know he’s had other things on his car (roaring laughter). But if he wants to learn something about wind all he’s got to do is pay attention to what you’ve been doing here in Iowa


Now, there can be all kinds of juicy readings of the presidential quip; like this line:

If he wants to learn something about wind…”

Talk about blowing hot air! I’m certain the double meaning is not lost on PBO. He’s mastered the art of signifyin’, just as he brushed criticism off his shoulder during eh 2008 elections. The guy knows double entendres.!

Tee hee!

Sorry for the Short Diary

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