I hear Brit Hume of FOX "news" has said “This is ugly, this is about as ugly as I’ve seen it get." Oh, really?  Let me refresh your memory, Brit.  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the same Brit Hume of FOX "news" who was born in 1941, right?  I wonder if you remember this old chestnut:

That was 1948.  Now Brit, you might not remember it because you were only 7 years old.  Of course, Trent Lott couldn't make that excuse, but he's moved on from politics so we'll let that slide.  

But wait... what about when you were 22 years old?

You still think what we have NOW is the MOST UGLY campaign you have ever seen?  I'm just getting warmed up...

Divisions like we see today didn't start with this president.....

Don't talk to me about toxic.  I remember that night.  Going to sleep full of hope and waking up to a fucking nightmare.   I'm still haunted by the fact Bobby didn't die right away.  And you want to say Biden's comments are toxic?  Really?  Maybe you have been asleep for the last 40 years, Rip Van Winkle.   Let me bring you up to speed on the TOXIC level of politics in America...because I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Let's leave Bobby, Martin, and John dead and buried along with Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner.  You remember those last three, don't you?  They were the civil rights workers killed by the KKK in Philadelphia Mississippi in 1964.  They weren't running for anything except maybe their lives, so why lump them in the same section?  I'm glad you asked.

Let's skip ahead to 1980.  Brit, that wasn't so long ago, was it?  Remember Ronald Reagan?  Remember his FIRST campaign kickoff after winning the GOP nomination?  He went to Philadelphia -- not Philadelphia Pennsylvania, birthplace of our democracy and constitution.  No, he went to Philadelphia, Mississippi... and here's how he "brought us all together"

Remember "states rights"?  That's what the South fought for the states "right"  to own  slaves.  Maybe you want to pretend you don't hear that dog whistle screaming in your face.  Maybe that's a little too subtle for you.  Maybe you need something more IN YOUR FACE..... let's skip ahead to 1988

Willie Horton.  Remember him?  Remember Lee Atwater?  When the chips were down and he was in the final stages of cancer, he finally found the courage to apologize for that in an interview as reported in the New York Times:

In a detailed and candid article about his career and his fight against an inoperable brain tumor, Lee Atwater has apologized to Michael S. Dukakis for the "naked cruelty" of a remark he made about the Democratic Presidential nominee in the 1988 campaign... "In 1988," Mr. Atwater said, "fighting Dukakis, I said that I 'would strip the bark off the little bastard' and 'make Willie Horton his running mate.' I am sorry for both statements: the first for its naked cruelty, the second because it makes me sound racist, which I am not." ... Since being stricken last year, the 39-year-old Mr. Atwater has apologized on several occasions for many of the campaign tactics he once employed and for which he was criticized. But rarely has he spoken in such detail or with such candor as in the interview for the first-person Life article.
Well, Lee is now dead and gone as well, but Shakespeare knew the name of that tune.  The evil men do is not interred with their bones.  It lives on.  Who do you think picked up where Lee left off?  Does the name Andrew Breitbart ring any bells, Brit?  You remember Breitbart, don't you?  Talk about ugly.... but he was just one of the many surrogates who got paid handsomely to keep OTHER people's hands clean, so we'll pretend you guys are all honorable men and those loud mouthed contentious bastards that keep appearing on your network are loose cannons.  

We won't get in too deep into the "surrogate wars". But since we are speaking about "toxic" campaigns and your network, you do remember the "whitey" buzz from the 2008 campaign, don't you?  You do watch the other shows they run on your network, don't you?

But what about the ACTUAL campaigning principals.  They certainly engaged in stuff you must remember,  This outrageous slander was repeated MULTIPLE TIMES by Palin.  Even after it was made clear she was full of hot air.

Even though the article she cited made it clear Obama was a child when this was going on, she wasn't as charitable to Obama as I was to you at the beginning of this essay.  No she doubled down and kept pushing her false meme.   In fact, things got so toxic, the Secret Service reported a spike in death threats against Obama as a result of Palin's baseless accusations.

Now I realize FOX "news" and Romney's surrogates would love to imply "both sides do this" and it's an overall mess and no one side is to blame, etc., etc.  But when was the last time anyone remembers seeing A DEMOCRAT BOOING the opposition during a campaign?  If you said "during the 2008 campaign" you would be right.  Except Lieberman isn't exactly your standard Democrat, now is he?

Yeah, there you have it.  Joe Lieberman booing Barack Obama.  Booing him for "attacking Joe the Plumber".  There are so many lies in that one phrase it boggles the mind.  We all know the guy isn't named Joe and he isn't even a plumber.  But regardless, Obama never "attacked" him.   Hell, he didn't even attack Joe the Turncoat.  Lieberman got rewarded with a plum committee chairmanship.  

Of course, we all know Obama can be vicious.  Remember  when this scathing calumny spewed from his lips?  .

Oooooooooooh.... things sure do get ugly when he lets his inner socialist kenyan crack addicted hood rat come out, don't it?

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