Thought I'd share some of the sunsets we've had this month so far. It has been an amazing time, what with all the storms here in Florida.

Fiery Sunset


When Keith Olbermann was at Current TV, he was sick for a good while - probably because of the conditions in the studio. But every once in a while he'd send out a sunset, and if we (on Twitter) saw a street light in the lower left corner of the photo, we knew he was at work. So these next few photos are my homage to his "Street Light Sunsets" (plus, I like the way they add context to the photo).

Street Light Sunset Pink and Blue
Eerie Clouds
Street Light Sunset 2
Purple Lightning
Heron On A Street Light
Sunset Quadrants
Bright Rainbow
Glassy Storm
Pink and Purple Sky
Fire At Night
Rainbow Bits
Pinks And Purples
Rainbow At Sunset
Pink Cloud Bubbles, Framed By Palms
Rainbow Flight
Cool Side Sunset
Golden Pink Sunset
Rainbow Framed By Palms
Purple Storm
Golden Sunset With Sandhill Crane
Laced Pinks
Fiery Night
Sandhill Crane Preening
Bright Skies
Golden Sunset
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Yeah, I know)
Pink And Blue Sunset Far Side
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