In the measured language of the MSM, FiveThirtyEight says the Ryan polling "bounce" has about as much buoyancy as a lead balloon:

But if you simply average all the data that post-dates the unveiling of Mr. Ryan as Mr. Romney’s running mate, we’re getting largely the same story that we did on Tuesday. Mr. Romney has gained a net of one point, on average, in the eleven polls conducted wholly or partially after his announcement of Mr. Ryan, compared to the prior renditions of the same surveys in the same states. This is a below-average “bounce” for the selection of a vice presidential candidate; in past elections, the bounce has averaged in the neighborhood of 4 percentage points instead.
Romney is toast.  The point now is to tie the House Republicans and Romney together at the hip and take back the House. Under Ryan's leadership the House Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it. Now we need to make them own it.

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