I do not have time to get into this, but last night I was searching out some music on YouTube and I was automatically diverted to an ad for "Dishonorable Disclosures", a "film" explaining how the security leaks from the White House that Obama is using for political advantage were endangering American lives and perhaps have already killed some.



This is IT, timed to 11 weeks before the election. As the repugs have become more and more empowered to make up absolute bullshit, in the secure knowledge that it will be treated as truthy-enough for two sides to earnestly form up panels to debate the crap instead of an actual REPORTER-type validating it as absolute bullshit BEFORE breaking out the manure spreader... PLEASE somebody jump this, I'll try to get back to it later today. It would seem that accusing the President of TREASON will inspire a great "WTF" among millions, but many others will be sharpening pitchforks and lighting the torches. I sure as shit HOPE the Dems don't spend a few months to bust out the big guns as they did for the Swiftboaters, because they don't HAVE a few months.

And OF COURSE if you go through WHO is doing the accusing, you come to the usual liars - Bill O'Reilly, who just keeps going in a fact-free creation of his own and retreats to being an "entertainer" when challenged. And "retired"... whozzats? And the brave mother of the first Navy SEAL who's been "redeployed to heaven" after being killed in Iraq - lady, in 2006 George F."ucking" Bush was the President. So who are you accusing of treasonous leaks... as long as Obama's going to adopt Bush's crashed economy, why not his dead soldiers... PLEASE GET THIS.

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