Romney will be fundraising in Hobbs, New Mexico on August 23rd.  I want to take a day off from work and heckle Mittens, I want to wave my pro-Obama signs proudly!  Alas, it is too late for me to request time off, and too far from Albuquerque.  I'm also afraid that some ignorant, gun-touting redneck will threaten me... it wouldn't be the first time.

Why Hobbs?  For those unfamiliar with the land of enchantment, Hobbs is a small town just across the border from Texas.  Its a safety zone for Mittens - far from the liberal Sante Fe and Albuquerque, far from the major urban centers.  This minimizes protesters and media coverage.  Romney will certainly draw large donors from west Texas and committed supporters from New Mexico.  

Reasons for making a stop in this left-leaning state a week before the GOPNC:

1: Photo-op with Hispanic Americans.  RMoney desperately needs Hispanic voters, and this fundraiser will be important for the Republicans.  They need to formulate how to connect with voters after the damaging primary debates.  Of course, with a $1000 entrance fee, I somehow doubt that any donors will understand what families need.

2: Support efforts to elect Heather Wilson to the Senate.  Local media is saturated with conservative SuperPac commercials that are anti-Obama and anti-Heinrich.  Representative Martin Heinrich has a 7.7 lead over his opponent.

3. Spotlight Governor Susan Martinez - a rising star in the RepubliCAN'T party.  I foresee her playing a major role in the 2016 election.

Originally posted to TEMkitty on Fri Aug 17, 2012 at 11:11 PM PDT.

Also republished by New Mexico Kossaks.

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