As someone who doesn't have any student loan debt, I didn't understand how difficult dealing with student loan servicers can be.

Well, Jenni Dye, a member of the Dane County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors, livetweeted her fight with a student loan servicer for the entire Twitter universe to see, and it was quite a spectacle, to say the least. The fight between Dye and her student loan servicer started when the Department of Education handed her loan off to a private company, and then went into detail about the problems she had dealing with her student loan servicer.

Link to AlterNet story about Dye's fight with her student loan servicer

It will take more people to come forward with stories about their experiences with dealing with student loan servicers to come forward with their story in order for any effective change to the student loan system in this country to happen, but I thank Jenni Dye for livetweeting her hassle with her student loan servicer.

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