Todd, you've asked for forgiveness and you've got it...for many reasons too numerous to count.

I forgive you because you forgave yourself.
I forgive you simply because you asked for our forgiveness.  Your youtube campaign ad you put up today is so compelling, Todd!

I forgive you, because as you said, those words you chose are not in the heart you hold (what does that mean, Todd?).

I forgive you because your two daughters forgive you.
I forgive you because your three young grandsons, Winthrop, Merrit, and Yorick forgive you.
I forgive you because almost everyone who voted for the Missouri Amendment 2 (which drove enough voters to the polls to vote you IN!) forgive you because now they and their children can pray about it in Missouri's schools while studying creationism.

In fact, I not only forgive you - I pardon you.  You can stay, Todd, you can stay and nothing you've said, I can assure you, will be considered an albatross around any Republicans' necks...because they don't hold these views that you were so deft at taking back.  They hold different views.  They still believe, and I know you now don't, that a womans body is not her own.

Lastly, I forgive you because it is in the heart I hold to forgive you.

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