Sure its anachronistic. But hey, you can't attach a tweet to a fence.


The Victor Martinez Community Library in East Oakland, CA --otherwise known as the People's Library or Biblioteca Popul -- requests the honor of receiving a postcard from you, wherever you are, even if it's from another continent and two centuries ago.

Biblioteca Popular @BibliotecaPopul
We get mail: BPVM 1449 Miller Ave. Oakland CA 94601

Postcard for @BibliotecaPopul is now in the hands of Czech Post. Let's see how long it takes to OAK. Also pls excuse the orientalist stamp.

Richard Estes @oshima9
@BibliotecaPopul sent some Children's Book Press books today by mail, will arrive sometime during the day on Monday via UPS

The Library was reclaimed on the morning of August 13th, ousted by the Oakland Police at 11:00 PM that same night, reestablished on the sidewalk the next day, and has been going strong ever since with community meetings, a BBQ, and recently the re-retaking of the back lawn to set up garden plots.  

It's got music and people reading away in quiet enjoyment.

Biblioteca Popular @BibliotecaPopul
This library has music. #peopleslibrary http://pic.twitter.com/...

worthoftheworld @worthoftheworld
Reading DEFINITELY is happening at #peopleslibrary! @BibliotecaPopul http://yfrog.com/...

It's even inspired a second branch.
HobgoblinOfCommunism @OakScott
Just so y'all know Seattle is starting up a #PeoplesLibrary and I confirmed that it was inspired by the one in Oakland. Link
The neighborhood is psyched.
Courtney @CourtneyOccupy
Passerby " you're here for this? First time living here in 24 years I see a 24 hour library. It's a miracle" #peopleslibrary #Oakland
There are a lot of kids who come to the library, and not a lot of children's books (well, children's books have been coming in at a good clip, it's just that they've been going out even faster!).

If you are so inclined, it's inexpensive to send a box of books along with your postcard. Children's and Spanish-language books especially requested.

Lisa Cattrone @KristenSahara
@BibliotecaPopul sent a box with children's books and books on pregnancy. hope they get to you fast! wish i had more time and could come see

Lisa Cattrone @KristenSahara
@BibliotecaPopul if you send books by media mail to the ppls library it's not very expensive at all. just sent big heavy box for not much

The Victor Martinez Community Library would like to hear from you -- from Kalamazoo and New Orleans, from Vancouver, London, Sydney, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Cairo. Even if you're rovin' around another planet.


    Biblioteca Popul de Victor Martinez
    1449 Miller Ave.
    Oakland, CA


Send a postcard!


Photo credits:

@Worthoftheworld took the photo of the readers.
@jkelly26 took the shot of the kids' signs.

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