CNN is currently featuring this image on the front page of its website.

Does anybody else see what I see?  Go look before I tell you, so that you are not influenced by what may be my delirium.


The image was produced by an artist named Greg Ruth as part of an election-based art project called "Power."  The artist himself says this.

Artist's statement: The one thing about this election cycle that struck me most in adding it all up was how much power will inevitably rest in just a handful of swing states this November. Close election margins always breed circumstances where the wider spirit of democracy is supplanted by the power of individual swing voters, but this cycle will see this particular circumstance multiplied. A vote in a solid blue state like Massachusetts will be as meaningless as one in a solid red state like Texas. Fair or not, properly democratic or not, this is the inevitable no man's land in our representative system. How successfully either campaign can navigate the varied particulars of each group of constituents, and how they handle the inevitable game changers that will arise between now and then, will wholly decide the final result this fall. We in non-swing states can only watch fretfully and hope that those upon whom this election will turn are paying attention and use their overly powerful franchise wisely.
I have no reason to think this is intentional, but in my first glance at the picture I thought Barack Obama was portrayed with horns.  Such portrayals have a long and sordid history, so even the possibility that it can be seen that way is problematic, even it it is inadvertent.
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