Over this past week, the Daily Kos community has enjoyed an invigorating and broad-ranging conversation about climate change – from the science and politics of the issue to how it is impacting our social and personal welfare every day. It is clear from the comments and passionate discussion here on Daily Kos that Kossacks are not only engaged in the debate, but are committed to action. That is true of the broader world as well.

We know climate change is happening, but that concentrated and cooperative action on the national and international stage is severely lacking.  Although political progress has been frustratingly slow, I remain hopeful. Because I can tell you that the collective sense of urgency about finding solutions to climate change has never been greater.  

This energy and excitement is not found in the Daily Kos community alone. I just spent several days with 1,000 individuals from across the world from 58 countries who were just trained as Climate Leaders for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. These people are students, professionals, and leaders in their communities. More importantly, they are not just dedicated to educating their friends and family, they are actively working to solve the climate crisis.

Though I have been doing these trainings for years, I have never been as thrilled about the kind of passion, commitment and local action I’ve been hearing about from individuals all around the world. People are optimistic about the future – about the kind of movement we can create, the innovative solutions we can develop, the choices we can make for a more sustainable future.

Together we can win the conversation and spark meaningful action to combat climate change. Let’s start today. Join Climate Reality online to learn about our I’m Too Hot campaign and to request a Reality presentation in your community. And, in the comment thread, tell us all how you talk about climate change in your community and what excites you about the potential to solve it.

Originally posted to Al Gore on Fri Aug 24, 2012 at 09:00 AM PDT.

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