Daily KOS, I was talking about you, behind your back. I wrote last night in our group messaging:

Thank god for anger.  The good kind, the protective kind, the kind that makes stronger people stand up to a bully. Because this has been a week full of pure suck for triggering, hasn't it? Feeling off-kilter, raw, and needing to bury my head or busy my hands for distraction. Several people have been pushed to the point of telling their stories, so I know I'm not alone.

Everywhere I turn, on Huff Po, on Kos, ... the reactions of real righteous anger are pouring out in response to Akin's and the GOP's stupidity, ignorance, and assholery. I'm glad to see it. I've needed to see it. People have our backs. People GET IT. Thank God.

But would anyone like to have a group social (now), where we just hang out for a bit? I could use a night of community and positivity. Of eating a bowl of ice cream with Kahlua on top. Of seeing goofy pet pics and telling jokes. Anyone else? anyone?

Hugs to all,


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If you are supportive, even if you have not been a victim, welcome! However, if you cannot be respectful of the stories and comments, please leave now.  And most importantly, please comment and interact only as YOU feel comfortable.

Originally posted to Cinnamon on Thu Aug 23, 2012 at 05:27 PM PDT.

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