The white male xtian GOP politician who apparently speaks for many white xtian GOP men, got ahead of himself. He's tasting potential victory and thinks he sees the white, I mean light, at the end of the tunnel.

In other words- He Let The GOP Cat out of the Bag..

Todd Akin: The Goal is to Maintain a White Christian Male Power Structure at All Costs
You see, if those white xtian GOP men could "legitimate rape" They Win!
As far as the violent crime of rape, there is no greater gender control than to dehumanize a woman into a receptacle for a man's sexual urges, and to force her to accept the semen of any man if it leads to fertilization.  

But more than that, Akin symbolizes the entire white male assault on the notion of equality in a democracy.  All of the "others" are a threat: women who seek to have careers; blacks who take positions formally only held by white males; non-Christians who believe in other values besides money; the poor who seek a share of the economic pie; the elderly who seek to stay out of poverty in their senior years – and of course a black president of the United States.

Todd Aiken has tried to apologize, but then mis-spoke again by sharing his TRUE xtian white GOP heart's desire.

I am glad that many GOP members are demanding his departure from politics and hope that they are mad and angry at his stupid slip of the tongue, but maybe those GOP supporters are really mad that they were EXPOSED for what they really are and their real intentions.

Let's face it, women and all minorities, have been under attack way before Todd Aiken opened up his foul mouth.

Some people aren't good at keeping secrets. I think Aiken got so excited to see his white xtian buddy, Ryan picked for Republican VP running mate, that he spilled the beans about the GOP's plan for American women and the goal for his White "Male-Member" ( Pun intended!) supreme society.

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