If like many of us, you have been following the situation of a sacred site to the Lakota, Dakota,  and Nakota tribes; there may be news.

The original situation: the land known as Pe' Sla was owned by a Reynolds family who over the years allowed use by the Native Americans for prayer and ritual, was put up for auction. Which it was feared would lead to development and be lost to the people.

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The tribes rushed to raise money to purchase the land, in the short amount of time. The irony of raising money to purchase this stolen land is not lost on anyone involved. News spread all over the world. Even the United Nations become involved favoring a resolution that would allow the tribes to continue using the land. When the Auction was suddenly cancelled, some of us feared the worst that a sale was in progress. That of course was just speculation. Here is the latest news.

The sacred site of Pe’ Sla, which is on part of the land that was recently pulled off the auction block for unknown reasons could be sold to tribes in South Dakota according to tribal member and District 5 Council Representative for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Eagle Butte, South Dakota Robin LeBeau Tatanka Agliwin (Woman Who Brings back the Buffalo).

LeBeau said the tribes had until noon on Monday, August 27 to make an offer to the owners of the lands known as Reynolds Prairie. In a collective effort of several tribes, an offer was made. “So we made our offer hoping, yet not knowing if someone else was higher or lower than us.”

After the offer was made, the owners responded.

“What we were told today is that they came back with a counter offer to all the tribes,” said LeBeau. “This is not the work of one tribe, it is the work of many, many tribes and now we are praying. Everyone has been in prayer for many days.”

The amount of the offer and counter offer has not been disclosed. LeBeau says the tribes are going to have a conference call on Tuesday, August 28 and will decide what next steps to take.

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