Waiting for the big hit. So far, not too bad in town. Rain getting less intermittent, wind getting up pretty good.

The house is all boarded up, plenty of food and essentials. While we still have power and 'net, I wanted to share some thoughts from yesterday.

Pretty much everybody in the neighborhood was finished boarding up, packing in when a young man drove the wrong way up my street and got hit by another car. The drivers were alright but the young man's car got spun into my neighbor Gloria's porch supports.

Everybody comes running, make sure everyone's alright (pulled out the shop vac to get the windshield glass out of the guy's hair). Then the long process of pictures, statements, papers, cops, etc.

What really struck me was how, in an instant, there's twenty, thirty people around tending to the trouble, making sure everyone's okay. That's the way it's been through troubles great and small.

Later, after that mess was resolved and chores done, we walked down to the bayou to watch the sun set in Isaac's very outer fringes.

As you might imagine, I thought it would make a great ad.

Direct link to the video is here

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