I am just amazed at the creativity behind the Obama campaign! They know how to make negative ads that are fun and entertaining. Nothing like the gloom and doom the Romney campaign produces. You'd think that with all that money they've raised, the Romney campaign could afford to hire somebody with talent. On the other hand, maybe anybody with real talent doesn't want to work with the Romney campaign. So they are stuck making the same old boring, fear inducing ads that aren't working. Or is it just a case of using the same old tired playbook that has worked for them in the past?

Yes, the two Obama campaign videos are web only. That's where you come in. Both are very entertaining, and the you can help get them seen by sharing them via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Would Take Us Back—We Can't Afford That

Making the point that Romney-Ryan would take us back to a Bygone Era, this video mimics the old black and white newsreels they used to show at the movies before television was a household item.

Narrator: Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential candidate. Mr. Ryan is new to the national scene. Out-of-Step Views from a Bygone Era! He is known as the author of the extreme GOP Budget.

Video of Paul Ryan: The Path to Prosperity.

Narrator One that many say, hurts the middle-class.

Fox Panel: One of the things that Paul Ryan's plan makes very clear is that the sacrifice will come from the middle-class and the poor.

Narrator: What exactly does his plan do?

Video of Wolf Blitzer: What Paul Ryan has done would be ending Medicare as we know it.

Response from Pundit (I don't know her name): The Paul Ryan Medicare Plan turns Medicare into a voucher system.

Video of Krystal Ball: Paul Ryan would cut Pell Grants for college students by $170 billion dollars and cut off a million students over the next decade.

Narrator: Even as it makes these dramatic cuts, it cuts taxes for the nation's millionaires and billionaires.

Video of Bob Schieffer interviewing Paul Ryan: You actually want to lower taxes on the wealthy.

Voice of Ed Schultz: It gives a 4.3 Trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthiest in this country.

Narrator: What's, perhaps, most important for the American public to understand are Paul Ryan's views towards woman.

Female guest on news show: Paul Ryan's vision for the United States is fiercely and harshly anti-female.

Voice of Male Commentator: He helped sponsor anti-abortion legislation that used the term "forcible rape."

Voice of Another Male Commentator: Ryan also voted four times to defund Planned Parenthood.

Video of Joan Walsh: Paul Ryan just the other day said well the method of conception doesn't matter as though rape is just another method of conception.

Narrator: It's clear that Paul Ryan's vision for America is one that will take the nation back to a very different era.

On Screen: Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Would Take Us Back.

On Screen: WE CAN'T AFFORD THAT. WrongForTheMiddleClass.com

Romney Economics: The Infomercial

This one really made me smile! It mimics those late-night infomercials trying to sell you something you never needed in the first place.

Narrator: Looking to make a profit with minimal risk? Tired of all those pesky employee benefits and pensions? Don't mind seeing jobs shipped overseas? Then Romney Economics is the business model for you.

Video of Mitt Romney Speaking: I know how business works. I know why jobs come and why they go.

Narrator: You'll learn valuable skills.

Video of Mitt Romney Speaking: I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.

Narrator: You'll make friends.

Video of Mitt Romney Laughing and hugging supporters.

Video of Mitt Romney Speaking: Corporations are people too my friend.

Narrator: And you'll gain perspective.

Video of Mitt Romney Speaking: I'm also unemployed.

Narrator: Side effects include outsourcing.

Another Narrator: Bain invested in a series of companies, including call centers and manufacturers that expanded overseas, sometimes at the expense of American workers.

Video of Mitt Romney Laughing.

Narrator: And you may experience bankruptcies.

Video of Chris Wallace interviewing Romney: Four of the ten top dollar investments you made went bankrupt.

Video of Mitt Romney Laughing.

Narrator: But for the small price of American jobs.

Video of Mitt Romney at debate, being asked question: You bought Dade International. Almost 2,000 workers were laid off or relocated.

Narrator: Romney Economics can be yours today. There's only one problem. It makes you very unpopular with middle-class Americans.

Video of Mitt Romney at picnic table, voiceover: 50% of Americans view Mitt Romney unfavorably.

Narrator: Get ready. Romney Economics is available for purchase November 6th. Check out RomneyEconomics.com to get all the info you need.

To view other ads from the Obama campaign that you might have missed, visit the Barack Obama Channel at Youtube.

Priorities USA Action: Olive

It looks like Priorities USA Action is starting a new phase in its advertising campaign. After producing some excellent videos about Mitt Romney and his time at Bain Capital, they are now moving on to the subject of Mitt Romney and his time as Governor of Massachusetts. Something tells me that this is just the first of several more ads that we will be seeing about Romney's term as Governor.

Olive: I'm an independent. I voted for him. I contributed to him. Governor Romney promised that he would bring jobs to this state. By the time Governor Romney left office, we had fallen to 47th in the nation in terms of job growth. Governor Romney cares about big business, he cares about tax cuts for wealthy people. I certainly do not believe that he cares about my hard working employees.

On Screen: Olive Chase, Small Business Owner, 29 Employees, Massachusetts.

Olive: I feel like I was duped by Mitt Romney. I'm going to vote for President Obama.

Narrator: Priorities USA Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.

To view other ads from the Priorities USA Action that you might have missed, visit the Priorities USA Action Channel at Youtube.

Also, below the fleur-de-orange is a different version of Ireland's President Michael D. Higgins with photos of Tea Party protesters and their misspelled signs that you might have missed.

There's a YouTube video of an exchange between Ireland's President Michael D Higgins and Tea Party-loving radio host Michael Graham from May 2010 on an Irish radio station that is already going viral with over 1.5 Million views so far. The only image in the video is a photograph of President Higgins.

Yesterday I was talking to my husband and he brought up the video of the Irish President. I told him that I had already seen it and thought it was fantastic, but when my husband talked about all the Tea Party signs they were showing in the video, I said, "Wait a minute. Show me what you're talking about." He went to this page on his iPad: The Ire Of An Irishman Unleashed On Tea Party Organizer. Wow!

Even if you've already heard the original video that is going viral, you have to see this version for the brilliant way the producer included images of Tea Party protesters and their misspelled signs. A few days ago, thinkingblue posted the video in a diary, The Ire Of An Irishman Unleashed On Tea Party Organizer, but the diary went by without much notice. It may be a coincidence, or thinkingblue may be the person responsible for this video since the YouTube channel that posted this version is "thethinkingblue."

If clicking the video title in the upper left corner of the video in the YouTube above won't take you to YouTube, here's the direct text link.

The first 2 1/2 minutes of this version of the video begins with text describing the background story. I have transcribed it here for you, so you have the choice of watching the entire video, or reading the intro here and fast-forwarding to the part where Higgins starts speaking. Just be sure to watch "the Tea Party Placards that display the extensive ignorance of this group of American people who repeatedly vote against their own financial interests."

On screen with Irish music playing in the background:

A 2010 interview between Michael D. Higgins, who was elected President of Ireland in 2011, and Boston conservative radio host Michael Graham.

Leave it to the Irish to teach their American cousins a thing or two about the ancient art of the smackdown.

A 2010 interview between Michael D. Higgins, who was elected President of Ireland in 2011, and Boston conservative radio host Michael Graham has recently gone viral, with a YouTube clip of the debate attracting over half a million visitors. (Close to 200,000 of those visits were recorded in the past 48 hours, according to The Irish Times.)

The clip's newfound surge in popularity is due in large part to the video-sharing website Upworth, which posted the audio on Tuesday with the headline, "A Tea Partier Decided to Pick A Fight With A Foreign President. It Didn't Go So Well."

The contentious encounter occurred during a May 28 special broadcast of The Right Hook, a NewsTalk radio program hosted by conservative Irish radio pundit George Hook. The fiery Higgins, a longtime leftist politician and human rights activist, takes Graham, a Tea Party organizer, to task for the party's criticisms of President Obama and its strident opposition to the White House's health care reform bill.

"I think even the poorest people in the great country that is the United States should be entitled to basic health care," Higgins said. "And I don't think they'll thank Sarah Palin lookalikes and followers for taking it off them."

Although Graham tries to interject, Higgins is clearly having none of it, continuing to berate Graham and sarah Palin for perceived warmongering.

"You're about as late an arrival in Irish politics as Sarah Palin is in American politics, and both of you have the same tactic," Higgins continued. "The tactic is, to get a large crowd, whim them up, try and discover what is that creates fear, work on that and feed it right back and you get a frenzy."

Michael D. Higgins, Ireland President, Takes Down Tea Party Pundit Michael Graham (AUDIO)

As you listen to the eloquent articulation of Irish President Michael D. Higgins, view some of the Tea Party Placards that display the extensive ignorance of this group of American people who repeatedly vote against their own financial interests, thus playing into the hands of the Billionaire's Astroturf, Tea Party Movement.

Without a doubt, President Higgins must have return to Ireland with a realization that Ignorance is NOT Bliss!

There is already a transcript of the exchange between Higgins and Graham available online here.

Here's the original Upworthy post at Facebook that started the wide-spread sharing of the original video. If you are not already following Upworthy on Facebook, now's a good time to do so. Click the picture to see the original Upworthy.com post:


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