Republican National Convention: The race to the bottom
Watch live video here and join the conversation as we live blog the 2012 GOP convention.

6:09 PM PT: Rob Portman, former US Trade Representative and former Bush budget director, says we are as beholden to China for our debt as we are to the Middle East for oil. And that Mitt Romney is the solution. Yeah, right.

6:10 PM PT: Shorter Portman: I'm sick and tired of the economic conditions that I helped create.

6:12 PM PT:
I feel like I'm willingly listening to the asshole at the bar. But sober. And it's a million assholes. #RNC
@BigFatWhale via web

6:13 PM PT: "We need Romney-Ryan, and we need them now," says Portman. Too bad, buddy. Not going to happen.

6:17 PM PT: The guy who just finished speaking, Steve Cohen of Screen Machine Industries, says he's pissed about "built that." Naturally, his firm has taken stimulus money. Frauds.

6:19 PM PT: MSNBC interviewing Jan Brewer while the governor of Puerto Rico speaks. She's literally standing right next to the stage, probably 30 or 40 feet from the podium.

6:26 PM PT: Here's a screenshot of Jan Brewer showing how much she respects Latino voices:

Jan Brewer speaks with the governor of Puerto Rico a stones throw away

6:27 PM PT: Right up those steps, that's the Governor of Puerto Rico.

6:30 PM PT: Can we all have a big and mighty Hee Haw for T Paw? He's in the house! The guy who should not have quit.

6:33 PM PT: Pawlenty seems to be having some serious trouble reading from his prompter. His eyes almost look like Michele Bachmann's when she gave her Tea Party State of the Union. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing. Actually, no, it's not. Most of my mom's family is from Minnesota. And they are smarter than that.

6:35 PM PT: Pawlenty's speech really sucks. But it's still one of the best of the evening. And he just got the biggest applause line of the convention so far, saying Obama is failing because being president is the first job he ever had. Whatever, Tim. Asshole.

6:41 PM PT (Kaili Joy Gray): New thread here.

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