As the Democratic National Convention begin today, we have a chance to grab a snap-shot of how things stand electorally immediately after the Republicans have had the chance to make their biggest play for the vote of Americans, and Democrats have yet to make their case.

And it really doesn't look that good for Romney.

As you can see from the above screenshot from Talkingpoints Memo Barack Obama holds a paper-thin numerial lead that could easily evaporate over the next few weeks.  But what is harder to erase is the fact that in the Electoral College - He's Already Over the Finish Line while Romney isn't even in the last lap.

More over the magic curlicue of power.

Here are the details from the TPM Polltracker.

See all those States in Yellow?  Those are the Tossups. The Battle Ground States.
Most of these states are currently a Dead Heat, and have been for months, but in order to become President Mitt Romney has to swing each and every one of them his way.  He's got to Run The Table and draw an Inside Straight Flush.

And more.. he needs to win this state too because this is the one that takes Obama Over the 270 Mark.

Romney right now is doing the best he can possibly expect to do, unless something completely weird and strange happens that utterly craters support for the Obama Campaign, once the Democratic Convention is over... it's going to get much worse for Romney than this.

He's already in a ditch that is 79 Electoral Votes Deep - and from there, he'll have to find a way climb back. If Romney doesn't win them all, if he losses in either Virginia, or Florida, or Ohio or North Carolina - Obama Wins, and Romney's Presidential Hopes are french fried toast.

He's got a huge heavy lift in front of him.

I don't think he has it in him. Nope. Not gonna happen.  But that's doesn't mean he won't use every slur, lie, distortion or vote stealing trick to get there.

We just have to beat him.  Like Hulk on Loki.


P.S. The Music at the DNC Convention is ROCKING, I guess that's what happens when the Entertainment Community doesn't despises you so much you even get Cease and Desist Letters from the parents of the dead rock stars.

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