Great show today, and we were back to the two hour format, which we packed with speech reviews, pundit roundups, and fun guests. Greg Dworkin kicked off our morning polling and analysis fix, and our placement in the blogging workspace at the PPL netted us sit-downs with cskendrick, Daily Kos Associate Campaign Director Rachel Colyer (RachelLive), and Daily Kos' own brother wonder team, David and Dante Atkins.

We reviewed the speeches (yay!) and panned the punditry (boo!), talked voter suppression and how to fight back with Daily Kos campaigns, broke news on the future of Atkins-style activism, and gave the general thumbs up to Charlotte's charms as host.

Be sure to check out Stitcher's mobile apps and listen to and favorite the show there. (They're currently having a little site maintenance, it seems, so it's back to Libsyn for today.) We're quickly climbing up the rankings there, jumping 261 places to number 60 on their News and Politics charts. That makes us a hot item and gets us a little extra notice, so thank you to all of you who've made that possible!

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