Short diary.  I am watching the dnc and have mostly been very proud - but something just happened that bothers me.

A late amendment was added to the platform: very much pro God and saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

I'm not going to debate whether or not these items belong in the platform.  The problem is that it had to be accepted by 2/3 of the delegates present.

The LA mayor running the convention asked for Ayes and Nays.  He had to ask three times before he decided that it was accepted.

But I don't think it was.

I think that it was rammed through, and that bothers me.

It reminds me of all those rotten Republican caucuses and primaries where the elite decided what the results should be, before they were in.

Folks we are supposed to be better than that.


Sorry about not being more specific.  I was just watching it on C-SPAN and went, huh? So I wanted to bring it up for discussion.  By then they had taken down the LA mayor's name - sorry - it's Antonio Villaraigosa:

I have tried several times to link to it but keep getting error messages.

I rather resent being called a troll.

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