I'm really appreciating the focus that the Democratic National Convention has placed on our active duty troops and veterans issues. While the other party largely ignored both during their convention last week- the DNC has proudly proclaimed not only support for our current troops in harm's way, but continued strong support for those returning.

The Democratic Party is vowing to protect and defend the promises our Great Nation made to each and every man and woman who has worn the uniform, when they raised their right hand and took the oath that promised they would give anything to protect and defend the United States of America.

Veterans benefits can never be sacrificed on the budget cutting board. Neither can the benefits our nation provides to the families of active duty, reserve and veteran service members. From the health care to education, home loans to employment assistance: Our Nation can never disregard the promises that we made to every fighting man and woman. It is a debt owed, in perpetuity.

-Isaac O'Bannon
Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee

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